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1013 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98104
United States


The mission of Seattle Presbytery is to participate, in word and deed, in God’s transforming work through the Gospel of Jesus Christ: †by strengthening the witness and mission of our congregations and members and by building strong partnerships with each other and the larger Christian community.

2016.10 Meeting

OCTOBER 18, 2016

3:00 PM Pre-mtg event with Presbyterian Foundation (E-Giving Workshop), led by Rev. Rob Hagan. Register now.
3:00 PM Clerk session records review.  Click for: Records review instructions.  Session Records Review Form.

Proposed Agenda 

5:00        Welcome, Prayer & Agenda
5:05        Stated Clerk Report
5:15        Nominating Report
5:20        Coordinating Council Report
5:25        Seattle First PC Administrative Commission Report
5:35        Worship
6:15        Dinner
7:15        Mission Highlights (Colombia Mission Partnership)
7:30        Triennium Report
7:40        COM Report (exams)
7:55        CPM Report (exams)
8:15        New Business
8:20        Consent Agenda
8:25        Adjourn & Prayer



Stated Clerk Report 2016-10
DRAFT July Presbytery Meeting Minutes

We conduct almost all of our business by voice or counted (raising hands or standing) vote. Should a commissioner wish to vote by paper ballot, they may do the following:
•    prior to the call for the vote, obtain the recognition of the moderator
•    move that the vote on the item under discussion be held by paper ballot
•    if seconded, the moderator will call for the vote – the motion is not debatable and passes with a simple majority


2016-10 Nominating Report


Seattle First Presbyterian is worshipping each week in the chapel at its historic location, under the leadership of Rev Heidi Husted Armstrong.  Please join us at 10:30 Sunday mornings.  Parking is available. 

We are also working with the developers of the property regarding next steps on that project. The litigation is going positively for the presbytery.  The congregation was able to return to the building on August 1, shortly after the Supreme Court denied the former leaders’ emergency motion for a stay.  The former leaders’ motion for review by the State Supreme Court was argued on September 1 and on October 7 the Court denied their motion.  This means that our summary judgment victory from May stands and the remainder of the case is moving forward at the trial level.  We have a summary judgment motion regarding the former leaders’ defamation claim which is scheduled to be heard on October 21.  Any remaining claims in the original case are scheduled to go to trial on February 13, 2017.  Additionally, last fall the former Session and pastors purported to enter into a pair of severance agreements regarding payments to the pastors if they were terminated by the church after the Presbytery assumed jurisdiction.  Those changes in their terms of call were never approved by either the congregation or the presbytery.  The former pastors have refused to agree that the severance agreements are not effective, requiring us to file suit against the Schultzes seeking a declaration that the agreements are void.  We have filed for a summary judgment on that case, which is scheduled to be heard on January 6.  


For action: 

Motion:  Recommend Stephanie Templin Ashford for presbytery membership as minister-at-large.  Stephanie has been ordained for more than 5 years in the United Church of Christ and serves as a parish associate at Union Church. Stephanie was examined by a COM exam team and is recommended for membership.  Per G-2:0505, by a ⅔ vote the presbytery waives the requirement to take ordination exams. 

Background: A minister of another Reformed church who has been ordained for five or more years may be granted an exemption for some or all of the examinations required of candidates for ordination by a two-thirds vote of the presbytery.

Stephanie Templin Ashford (Statement of Faith)

Stephanie Templin Ashford Bio:

Stephanie Templin Ashford serves as a Parish Associate at Union Church. In this role, she assists with worship, special projects and opportunities for upper elementary and middle school students. Stephanie was ordained to Christian ministry in 2004 and has served various congregations as pastor and Associate Pastor in Pennsylvania and now in Seattle. She is married and has two children, two cats, two fish and a bearded dragon. She lives in Queen Anne with her family and enjoys running, hiking, coffee and travel.

Motion:  Having received evidence that Certified Candidate Mara Forster-Smith has fulfilled the educational requirements of the Constitution of the Church, the Committee on Ministry presents her for examination. The examination shall include, but not be limited to, a determination of the candidate’s ability and commitment to fulfill all requirements as expressed in the constitutional questions for ordination and installation (W- 4.4003). Councils shall be guided by Scripture and the confessions in applying standards to individual candidates. Christian faith, views on theology, the Bible, the Sacraments and the government of this church. (W-4.4003).  Pending successful examination, approve the call to Mara Forster-Smith for ministerial services as Chaplain at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle and should the way be clear, approve this position as a validated ministry.        

Mara Forster-Smith (Statement of Faith

Mara Forster-Smith Bio:

Mara Forster-Smith grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and her parents are both ordained ministers in the PC(U.S.A.) During high school, Mara developed her passion for serving others through her involvement with her church's mission partnership with a congregation in Prague, Czech Republic. She graduated from Macalester College with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and received her call to ministry while serving for two years as a Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya and Chicago. Mara graduated with her M.Div. from from McCormick Theological Seminary in May, 2014 and completed her Clinical Pastoral Education training the following year at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. She recently moved to Seattle and is thrilled to be serving currently as a staff chaplain at Swedish Medical Center. Mara enjoys singing, travel, and studying foreign languages. 



Examination of Colleen Chinen (Candidacy Essay)

Colleen Chinen bio: 

Colleen was born in Los Angeles, CA. She spent the first eight years of her life there with the rest of her childhood years living in Anchorage, AK. She attended the University of Oregon receiving a BS in Economics. She is currently in her final year of the M.Div. program in School of Theology of Ministry at Seattle University.

She has a strong call for pastoral care to the elderly in the church and in the community who feel isolated and forgotten. Her passions also include inter-generational and ecumenical ministries, bridging the divide between generations, which was modeled by her parents. There was always room at the dinner table for one more in her family’s understanding of radical hospitality.

She and her husband just celebrated thirty one years of marriage. After living in Colorado Springs, CO, Cupertino, CA, and Vancouver, WA, they currently reside in Tacoma, WA. They have recently become empty nesters with their two children attending the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is an avid University of Oregon football fan who can be found speaking very loudly to the TV on any given Saturday during the football season. She also enjoys skiing, trips to Disneyland, and long conversations over dinner with friends.

Examination of Rob Mathis (Candidacy Essay)

Rob Mathis bio:

My family and I have lived in the greater Seattle area for most of the last 26 years (we lived for just about one year in rural South Africa, 20-13-14). We currently live outside Duvall, WA, in rural SE King County. I attended Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology (MA), and currently am enrolled in the M.Div. Program at George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. My wife and I are in our 37th year of marriage, have five daughters, two sons-in-law and three really cool grandsons. My wife Jan is my very best friend and the second greatest gift in life behind my personal relationship with my Lord. I love to hike, bike, take long walks, kayak read, travel and spend time with people hailing from other cultures and places. I am passionate about Jesus and my walk with Him. I am particularly drawn to the poor, broken and those that just don't seem to get a fair shake in life. I love all things African, but am finding a true love for my sisters and brothers in rural SE Alaska as well!


Welcome - Rev. Kristy Farber

                   Call To Worship - Rev. Kristy Farber                 

   No matter how far from God we seem to be, 
we do not lose heart;
    For the days are surely coming, says the Lord.
    No matter how many obstacles we face in life or in the church,
    we do not lose heart.
    For the days are surely coming, says the Lord.
    No matter how hard it is to continually pray and work for justice,
    we do not lose heart;
    For the days are surely coming, says the Lord,
    when I will forgive and restore my people;
    when I will equip them for every good work;
    and when I will grant justice,
    for I hear their cries day and night.

    Let join together and worship our God!

Opening Prayer - Rev. Kristy Farber

O God who writes on our hearts,
    you have never abandoned us.
    In amazing and persistent grace,
    you have kept covenant with us.
    We thank you for loving us
    even when we have not loved you.
    We long to behold the day of your appearing,
    even as we stand now in view of your kingdom,
    promised and made present in Christ Jesus,
    in whose name we wait and pray. Amen.

Song: Praise, My Soul, the God of Heaven

                        Our Confession - Dan Hammer                              

    The new covenant God has made with Israel and with us,
    begins in forgiveness.
    Though we continually break covenant with God,
    God remains faithful.
    We confess our sins to God,
    trusting that God will forgive us and remember our sins no more.
    Gracious God,
    We confess that we do not meditate on your commands and teachings
    all day long.
    We do not keep your word before us always and in all things.
    Instead, we turn away from your demanding truth
    and wander toward easier options.
    Forgive us, we pray,
    for pursuing our own desires rather than yours.
    Forgive us for growing weary in following you;
    for failing to pray and work tirelessly for justice;
    for losing hope in your power to transform the powers of this world.
    Tune our ears to the sound of your justice.
    Turn our hearts to your commandments and word of grace.
    Do not remember our sin,
    but remember your mercy forever.
    We pray in Christ’s name. Amen.

Declaration of Forgiveness - Dan Hammer  

Friends, God promises to forgive us,
    to put our sins out of God’s own mind and heart.
    In this way, God gives us not just a second chance
    but a new beginning.
    Believe the good news of the Gospel!
    Our salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus.
    Thanks be to God!

    We who have been reconciled with God are called to magnify
    that reconciliation and share the peace of Christ with one another.
    The peace of Christ be with you all!
    And also with you.
    Share with one another the sign of peace.

Scripture - Rev. German Zarate

Homily - Ben McConaughy

Song: There's a Wideness in God's Mercy

The Lord’s Supper - Rev. Staci Imes & Rev. Jairo Barriga

2015 Necrology
Together, we give thanks for the ministry and fellowship of the church's faithful servants
who were reunited with their Creator this past year.

Blessing & Sending



Last January, a delegation of teaching and ruling elders from Seattle Presbytery traveled to Barranquilla, Colombia, to explore a formal partnership in mutual mission with the Presbytery of the Coast. This was the third exploratory encounter we’d had together (the previous ones happening in January 2015 in Barranquilla and October 2015 in Seattle). As a part of this last delegation, we wrote a covenant together outlining our goals and interests that we hope to explore as mission partners.  As we move forward together, we have committed to exploring three areas of mutual interest: education, ecclesial engagement, and diakonia (accompanying the stranger and the vulnerable). We are excited about how much both presbyteries have to offer this partnership and how much we believe we both can benefit as we grow together in Christ. 

One of the commitments we made was to have representatives from the Presbytery of the Coast visit us every year and to have representatives from Seattle Presbytery visit Colombia every year.  We imagine that these delegations may sometimes be groups of teaching and ruling elders (like our upcoming trip to Colombia in January) and, at other times, may take different forms like candidates for ordination doing a summer internship or seminary professors coming or going to teach a class. This week and next, we have the pleasure of hosting the Rev. Jairo Barriga Jaraba (Executive Presbyter for the Presbytery of the Coast, Presbyterian Church of Colombia) and the Rev. German Zarate Durier (Director of the National Office of Diakonia, Presbyterian Church of Colombia).  While here, Jairo and German are visiting various mission ministries of our Presbytery, preaching for three Seattle Presbytery congregations, giving a workshop on peace and reconciliation at the Church Council of Greater Seattle’s “Weaving Our Strengths” conference, meeting with potential university partners at SPU, and meeting with the fifteen members of the January 2017 delegation to Colombia to continue relationship-building and guide us in our preparations.  Following their week in Seattle, German and Jairo will travel to Spokane to participate in the Gospel Conference at Whitworth University and meet with potential university partners.  Please make a point of introducing yourself to Jairo and German and welcoming them warmly

The Consent Agenda consists of those actions that the
Presbytery has empowered its committees to resolve on its behalf.
Those actions are then reported to the presbytery at its next meeting.
A commissioner may lift a consent item for debate by informing
the Stated Clerk or Moderator of Presbytery to that effect.


1.    Approved a revised grants process (more information online at 

2.    Approved the following 2017 presbytery meeting dates:
Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017, 5:00 PM
Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 5:00 PM
Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 5:00 PM
Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 5:00 PM

2017 Council meeting dates:
Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 4:00 to 7:00 PM
Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 4:00 to 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 4:00 to 7:00 PM
Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 4:00 to 7:00 PM

3.    Approved a grant request from Lake Burien PC to fund the “Just Mercy: Undoing Institutional Racism” training workshop November 5-6, 2016.  

4.    Approved a grant for multiple SeaPres pastors to fund the Storybook Bible Project.

5.    Approved a grant request from Summit Avenue PC to help fund a sanctuary upgrade project.  

6.    Approved creating a student and clergy indebtedness policy (see supplemental doc).  


1.    Approved the call of Rev. Edith (Eyde) Mabanglo to be the Transitional Pastor of Kent First Presbyterian Church, according to the following terms of call: effective salary $44,560.16, travel $2,500, study leave $1,000, 4 weeks vacation, sick leave: 1 day per month. (This is a ¾ time position 30 hours/week.)

2.    Approved Rev. Marta Bennett’s request to validate her ministry as a partner with The Antioch Partners (TAP) effective July 1, 2016. 
Approved a grant to support a Renewal Ministries event - “A Day of Renewal in the Lord’s Prayer” on Sat., Nov. 12, North Creek PC in Mill Creek. 

3.    Concurred in the action of the congregation of Newport Presbyterian Church to call Rev. Roger Harwerth as pastor, according to the following terms of call: effective salary $85,000, professional expense $500, study leave $1,500, car allowance $1,400, 4 weeks vacation, 2 weeks study leave.

4.    Approved a grant to assist Rev. Kelly Wadsworth with attending the 1001 Worshipping Communities Assessment in Seattle on October 31-November 3, 2016. 

5.    Approved the call of Rev. Shari Jackson Monson to be the Interim Senior Pastor of West Side Presbyterian Church, according to the following terms of call: $94,600 effective salary, $2,400 car & professional allowance, $2,400 study leave, $2,400 spiritual director, 4 weeks vacation, 2 weeks study leave.  

6.    Approved the request of Rev. Shari Jackson Monson to transfer her membership from Olympia Presbytery to Seattle Presbytery.  

7.    Approved the request of Rev. Ron Oldenkamp (Validated Ministry) that Seattle Presbytery accept his retirement effective 12/31/2016.

8.    Approved the request of Rev. Carol Kirkpatrick (Kent First) that Seattle Presbytery accept her retirement effective 11/1/2016.

9.    Approved the request of Rev. Janie Stuart to validate her ministry as Temporary Assistant Minister at East Banchory Church (Deeside Presbytery, Scotland). 

10.  Approved receiving Rev. Debbie Blane (Presbytery of the Cascades) as a member-at-large. 

11.  Set the minimum terms of call for 2017 at $57,300, the Board of Pensions median effective salary (consistent with existing policy). 

12.  Approved the request of Vashon Presbyterian Church to elect a PNC on September 25, 2016.

13.  Concurred with the session of Sammamish Presbyterian Church to hire Rev. Kelly Hostetler as Associate Pastor of Congregational Care (temporary pastor) according to the following terms: Half time (25 hours per week), starting October 1, 2016; $34,000 effective salary, $750 continuing education, $1,600 mileage, contract work, professional expense, 4 weeks vacation, 2 weeks study leave. 

14.  Concurred in the request of the Rev. Ray Moore and University Presbyterian Church to dissolve the associate pastoral relationship effective June 30, 2016 and close this position.

15.  Concurred in the request of the session of University Presbyterian Church to open a new Temporary Associate Pastor position at UPC focused on ministry and to elect Bianca Quezada into that role if the way be clear.

16.  Approved transferring Rev. Bertram Johnson to New York City Presbytery if the way be clear.

17.  Recommended that presbytery rescind its action of June 7, 2014 that removed Joshua Kim from the roll of ministers thereby restoring him to the roll of member at-large.
Background: The action was taken after a series of miscommunications between GA, Joshua, and the presbytery. Joshua has been serving as a pastor at Seoul Dream Church in Korea, and was previously commissioned by the presbytery to do missions work in Southeast Asia and India.

18.  Approved the request of Rev. Kristy Roberts Farber to transfer her membership from Western North Carolina Presbytery to Seattle Presbytery.

19.  Approved the request of Rev. Jesse Mabanglo to transfer his membership from National Capital Presbytery to Seattle Presbytery.

20.  Approved the request of Rev. Eyde Mabanglo to transfer her membership from National Capital Presbytery to Seattle Presbytery. 

21.  Approved the Validated ministry report as reported through September 30, 2016 (see supplemental doc.

22.  Approved the Members-at-large report as reported through September 30, 2016 (see supplemental doc.

23.  Approved the Honorably Retired Teaching Elders report as reported through September 30, 2016 (see supplemental doc.)

24.  Approved the changes in terms of call as reported through September 30, 2016 (see supplemental doc.)

25.  Approved the request from Rev. Nick Krantz that he be allowed to serve as Pastor at Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church in a validated ministry, allowing him to remain a member of the PC(USA).
Background: This approval is through the end of December 2016, to assist with the transition from the Board of Pensions to ECO’s benefits (anticipated transfer date January 1, 2017). 

26.  Approved the renewal of the Temporary Associate Pastor relationship between Rev. Leigh Weber and John Knox Presbyterian Church with no changes in the contract.  

Click here for new member bios. (Added 10/17/16)


1.    Annual Consultation was held with Barbara Williams, Bethany PC and she was certified as ready to receive a call. She was given permission to circulate a PIF.

2.    Annual Consultation was held with Steve Aeschbacher, Bethany PC and he was certified as ready to receive a call. He was given permission to circulate a PIF.

3.    The Committee on Preparation for Ministry recommends that the following Inquirer having been Inquirer for sufficient length of time, having fulfilled the requirements stated in the Book of Order, and upon satisfactory examination by the Presbytery, be enrolled as Candidates: 
       Colleen Chinen, Steel Lake PC
       Rob Mathis, Sammamish PC (approved at July 12 presbytery meeting)



January - September, 2016


January - September, 2016


January - August, 2016