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1013 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98104
United States


The mission of Seattle Presbytery is to participate, in word and deed, in God’s transforming work through the Gospel of Jesus Christ: †by strengthening the witness and mission of our congregations and members and by building strong partnerships with each other and the larger Christian community.

Events (Archive)

Equipping for Spiritual Warfare - Foster-Tukwila

Seattle Presbytery

March 23-26, 2011 - Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church

Dunamis V  -  Equipping for Spiritual Warfare

Addresses the reality of the demonic realm, personal deliverance ministry, the discernment process, high-level spiritual warfare and kingdom advancement.

A Dunamis retreat is more than a conference or course which teaches from a biblical, theological, evangelical, or social justice perspective. While drawing from these important perspectives, Dunamis adds three components which distinguish it from the usual study-leave or conference experience:

1. Lab time: where students get to practice what they have just learned through the speaker. Lab time invites the Holy Spirit to work through the students in practical ways. Praying for one another in the power of the Spirit releases a sense of the presence of God and builds the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit apportions the gifts, but builds up the body of Christ as the full range of gifts begins to flow through the participants. Dunamis participants get a taste of what the church might become.

2. Debrief: at the end of the day participants prayerfully pause to ask the Holy Spirit how well we listened and followed during the day. Many report that this is a crucial time of learning to trust the presence of the Holy Spirit, since they find out whether they were getting the same nudges as others.   Mid-course corrections preserve

3. Track: over a three-year period the six courses of the track build up the skills and confidence of participants. They have a chance to incorporate the learning and prayers of each course into their Christian life at home and church, before taking the next course. Seeing participants from previous courses, among new faces, encourages a safe environment to experiment with a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. Each track offers the introductory Gateways as the first course, and then as a make-up course during each segment of the track.

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