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1013 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98104
United States


The mission of Seattle Presbytery is to participate, in word and deed, in God’s transforming work through the Gospel of Jesus Christ: †by strengthening the witness and mission of our congregations and members and by building strong partnerships with each other and the larger Christian community.

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Submission: A Poem of Praise to God

Seattle Presbytery

Submitted by Tamera Brockman, Elder at Foster-Tukwila Presbyterian

Jesus is my super champ,
Odd hero killed outside the camp.
His goodness is so large and wide,
Our understanding is sorely tried.
We labor with our human brains,
To capture all his heavenly gains.
Praise my God of resplendent light.
Praise my King who wins every fight.
He who is wondrous for sure,
Shows us we are not so pure.
Sparkles like a diamond from the mine,
Able to stretch a weakly limb or warping spine.
He is truth and miraculous indeed,
He can substitute generosity for our greed.
He brings joy with his clarifying light,
The conscience dances- when darkness is put to flight!
His law of love is so very worthy,
In all the galaxy and here on “earthy”.

I praise him for tweaking my ears,
To allow me heavenly messages to hear.
What joy comes spilling in
Where hope is shed within.
In remarkable ways He has drawn us to his holy habits,
Fabulous in power he emboldens those timid as rabbits!
He is the increaser of my peace,
He is the moistener of the fleece.
He knows how to rescue his people from the brine of self pity,
He opens our hearts to greater love, patience, and wisdom so very pretty.
The life of faith is ever so sweet
Every day- newness of hope and a heavenly treat.
Jesus is the best and highest goal
More of him, less of self, becoming more whole.
Thank you to him who hung on the tree,
For opportunities given to pour out prayer to so many.
I am blessed by him to be a blessing,
Whether prayer for a brother at church or a stranger addressing.
Life is so rich when you seek to serve him daily,
Teaching sweet truths to adults or high schoolers like Haley.
God is delightful and stupendous,
He is so worthy of more witness from us.
May he be praised in holy computer use,
May he be glorified in ending spousal abuse.
May he be praised in letter writing abroad,
May he be pleased by his people’s response to his disciplining rod.
He is awesome to work in our consequences, trials and grief,
He deserves our thanks and faithfulness when he grants us relief.
Lord, be exalted in Morocco and Benin,
Lord, turn rebellious eyes to people’s own sin.
Raise up singing joyous hearts of your love,
Teach us to remove worldly thorns and gaze above.
You are marvelous to defeat so much pride,
I am in awe of your work in the Brahmin tribe.
You have such terrific majesty and splendor,
Your power is displayed before male and female gender.
May more love and admiration freely flow,
Toward your triune self may it grow.
Bring doubters in darkness to the cross,
Then throw on the light switch, be their boss.
Show them your power of eternal hope,
In the resurrection from off that slope.
Show your people how not to mope,
Enliven our hearts and enable us all to cope.
Clap and sing, dance and leap,
Throw your worries in a heap.
Jesus is a greater victor than you know,
Into God’s sovereign loving hand you can throw,
Your future, body, mind and soul.