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1013 8th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98104
United States


The mission of Seattle Presbytery is to participate, in word and deed, in God’s transforming work through the Gospel of Jesus Christ: †by strengthening the witness and mission of our congregations and members and by building strong partnerships with each other and the larger Christian community.

Events (Archive)

Rainier Beach Prayer Walk

Seattle Presbytery

Photo courtesy of Rev. Janine Moriarty.The southeast Seattle Faith Base Coalition is planning a prayer walk from the Central District to Rainier Beach on August 26, 6-9 pm.  It will proceed down MLK to Rainier Ave.  The idea is to get churches, Mosques, and synagogues along the way to station representatives at 6-block intervals all the way across this 7-mile journey so that these areas are surrounded or "walled-in" by prayer that night.  If you are interested in joining in, either as a walker or as one of the station holders along the way, please contact Jane Pauw.

August  3,  2011   Dear  Brothers  and  Sisters  in  Faith:  

On  behalf  of  the  SE  Network  Faith  Based  Action  Team  I  am  writing  you  today  to  ask  for  your  support  in  rebuilding  a  wall  around  our   community.    Not  a  wall  of  brick  and  mortar  but  a  wall  of  fervent  prayer  and  supplication.    Many  of  us  that  live,  work,  or  are   members  of  communities  of  faith  in  Central  and  South  East  Seattle  are  very  aware  of  the  disease  that  is  youth  violence.    The  sound   of  sirens  piercing  through  the  night  has  become  an  echo  of  understanding  that  many  have  called  a  sign  of  the  times.    I  agree,  but  my watch doesn’t tick to revelation but has found itself at the hour of revival.

Much  like  Nehemiah  I  find  myself  standing  at  the  broken  gates  looking  at  the  wall  that  was  once  our  community  crumbled  at  its   base.    Not  with  disgust,  passivity,  or  hopelessness  but  with  faith  that  together  we  can  rebuild  the  wall,  together  we  can  be   the  gates,   and  together  we  can  secure  the  future  of  our  young  people.      

On  August  26th  we  will  be  coming  together  covering  our  community  in  prayer  from  23rd  and  Madison  to  Rainier  and  Henderson.    As  a   group  we  will  cover  these  7  miles  starting  at  23rd  and  Madison  and  continuing  on  to  Rainier  as  it  intersects  with  23rd  until  we  reach   Henderson,  walking  in  6  block  intervals  handing  off  the  baton  of  faith.    Please  consider  joining  us  and  convening  others  to  also  be   present  along  these  blocks  from  6pm  to  9pm  that  evening  praying  for  our  community.     These  prayers  will  be  the  bricks  and  our   presence  will  be  the  welcoming  gates  for  our  youth.  

Please  contact  myself  Sean  at  or  Heidi  Henderson-­‐Lewis  at  206.992.6857-­‐  or  of  course  the  representative  of  the  Faith  Based  Action  Committee  that  presented  you  with   to   express  your  interest  in  participating  and/or  to  get  more  information.  

Thank  you  for  your  support.     

Sincerely, Sean  Goode  (on  behalf  of  SE  Network  Faith-­‐Base  Action  Team)