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The mission of Seattle Presbytery is to participate, in word and deed, in God’s transforming work through the Gospel of Jesus Christ: †by strengthening the witness and mission of our congregations and members and by building strong partnerships with each other and the larger Christian community.

Annual Review of Ministry Outside Congregation

Seattle Presbytery Annual Review of Ministry Outside the Congregation 

Seattle Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry has revised its process for conducting annual reports for ministers engaged in ministry outside the congregation and members-at-large.  Please complete the form and send any additional attachments to: annually.   

G-2.0503: “A teaching elder shall be engaged in a ministry validated by the presbytery . . . [which] shall:
(1) demonstrate conformity with the mission of God’s people in the world as set forth in Holy Scripture, The Book of Confessions, and the Book of Order of this church;
(2) serve and aid others, and enable the ministry of others;
(3) give evidence of theologically informed fidelity to God’s Word;
(4) be carried on in accountability for its character and conduct to the presbytery in addition to any organizations, agencies, and institutions served; and
(5) include responsible participation in the deliberations, worship, and work of the presbytery and in the life of a congregation of this church or a church in correspondence with the PC(USA) (G-5.0201).

When teaching elders are called to validated ministry beyond the jurisdiction of the church,
. . . they shall give evidence of a quality of life that helps to share the ministry of the good news.
. . . They shall participate in a congregation, in their presbytery, and in ecumenical relationships.”

If you are no longer serving in a validated ministry, also complete the additional questions in the member-at-large section.

If you no longer reside in the geographic bounds of the presbytery, COM encourages you to seek membership in the presbytery where you live.

Online form for ministers engaged in ministry validated by the presbytery:

Name *
Your present membership status (G-2.0503)
Check one
1. Please describe any work in which you currently engage. Include the name and address of your employer(s). Attach a job description, current compensation agreement, and latest performance review, if applicable.
Complete each section below.
“A member-at-large is a teaching elder who has previously been engaged in a validated ministry, and who now, [1] without intentional abandonment of the exercise of ministry, is no longer engaged in a ministry that complies with all the criteria in G-2.0503a. A teaching elder may be designated a member-at-large because he or she is limited in his or her ability to engage in a ministry fulfilling all of the criteria for a validated ministry due to family responsibilities or other individual circumstances recognized by the presbytery. A member-at-large shall comply with as many of the criteria in G-2.0503a as possible and shall actively participate in the life of a congregation. The status of member-at-large shall be reviewed annually.”
Members-at-large must complete these additional questions.