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Rev. Jennie Spohr Publishes Novel: Heirs and Spares

Rev. Jennie Spohr Publishes Novel: Heirs and Spares

Seattle Presbytery

Heirs & Spares
By J. L. Spohr

Seattle, WA - July 2013 - The debut historical novel, Heirs & Spares from author J. L. Spohr is now available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book editions wherever books are sold.

Heirs & Spares, the first in The Realm series, is set amidst the bloody chaos of the Reformation in 1569 AD and follows the story of a king who was never supposed to be king and a queen who doesn’t want to be queen, trying to keep their country from dissolving into civil war. If they produce an heir, the stability of the throne would be firmly established and peace could perhaps be restored. But getting heirs turns out to be the least of their problems. Heirs & Spares is one part history, two

parts palace plotting, and a whole lot of juicy romantic intrigue.

Spohr, the producer and host of the popular live show and podcast The Kindlings Muse, turned back to her love of writing while struggling with insomnia. “I was tossing and turning one night and had an image of a Tudor- era noble woman walking down the aisle,” Spohr explains. “I realized she was scared — didn’t want to be there. Then I saw the groom – a king – and I realized he didn’t want to be there either. And the story was born.”

And just in time. With a due date in mid-July for England’s newest heir, the

release of a book exploring the drama, heartbreak and excitement of royal lines

of succession hits cultural high note. “The world is watching the Duchess of Cambridge, and while the new royal baby does not have the fate of the country on his or her shoulders, this baby’s importance – both historically and now – shouldn’t be overlooked.”

While Heirs & Spares is fiction, many of the characters were inspired by actual royals: Henry VIII and his wives, Elizabeth I and her court, and the Medici’s to name a few. “I studied the Renaissance and Reformation in graduate school and have always been drawn to this time period,” Spohr says.

The author is available for interviews, book club appearances, speaking engagements, and/or guest articles on the subjects of British royalty, America’s obsession with royals, the importance of royal succession today and in history, historical fiction, writing, indie publishing, exploring ideas that matter in pop culture, and juggling creative pursuits and family care.

Plum Street Press is a small, independent press and distributed to retailers via the Ingram Book Company.

For more information, to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview, contact Jennie L. Spohr at:;; 206-465-9984


Jennie L. Spohr is the author of Heirs & Spares and several short stories. An incurable Anglophile/Europhile who has studied the trials and tribulations of royals since she watched Princess Diana take that long walk to the altar, she turned her attention to historical fiction and fictional monarchies after studying the Reformation in graduate school. When not writing, Spohr produces and hosts a popular podcast called The Kindlings Muse ( about ideas that matter in culture, including books, film, and music. She is an ordained minister member of the Seattle Presbytery and lives with her brood in Seattle. (author photo by John Keatley)