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Prayers of the People

UPDATE 3: Kenyan Presbyterian Women in Bus Accident

Seattle Presbytery

Here is a brief update.

After the burial of those who passed away, we have continued to provide psychological and emotional support to the families. Some need financial assistance as well to cater for school fees for the children. Most of the husbands are finding it difficult to coping with the loss of their wives and mothers to their children.

Some of those who had been discharged have to continue attending the hospital for further treatment. We assist them with transportation and cost of medical bill. One had to be readmitted for reconstructive surgery of the right jaw. This was helpful and she is healing well. She can now eat some little food. Once the jaw heals, she will need to have dentures fixed.

The one who had a spinal injury was finally taken to the spinal injury hospital, the only one in Kenya. She is going through physiotherapy, but she is confined to a wheel chair. Doctors say she may never be able to walk again. The one who had fractures on the pelvic bone is also still in hospital. The doctors say she needs another surgery but she has developed a problem of blood clots on the legs. They are treating her for this as they evaluate her condition. her left leg still has a bad wound that requires grafting.

Your financial assistance came at a very appropriated time as we were running out of money and the hospitals are still demanding for money. Your assistance was indeed a miracle and an answer to prayer. These funds will go a long way in easing our burden and that of the affected families on the hospital bills.

Thanks for your continued prayers as well. They have done wonders. I particularly have been going through a very difficult time Please keep holding me in prayer. I also need to go through some debriefing to enable me to cope. My emotional reserves are running low and it is only by God's Grace that I am able to hold on. Pray that the Lord will create an opportunity for me to take a short 3-5 days off to a quiet place for rest. When or how or where I do not know, but I need it badly.

Finally, please pray for the church in Kenya, We are being attacked by terrorists who are now targeting churches.

Last Sunday, an Anglican Church in my neighborhood was attacked with a grenade targeting a Sunday school class. One 9 year old boy was killed and eight other children were seriously hurt and are admitted in hospital. The church is just a few meters from my house and we were getting ready to go to church when the attack occurred. As Christians, we are exercising a lot of restraint, but we don't know for how long. There is a lot of insecurity particularly where we live as the area has been "invaded " by Somalis. We are thinking seriously of moving out of this estate. Pray for us as we make the decision.

Pass my deepest thanks to members of the church for their show of true sisterhood and brotherhood in our time of need.

Many blessings,


Veronica N. Muchiri,
P.C.E.A.National Woman's Guild Organizer/Secretary,
P.C.E.A. Head Office Secretariat,

From PCUSA: 
Click here to make a financial contribution that will assist the victims and their families with medical care, funeral expenses, and other needs.
Update from Veronica Muchiri, PCEA National Woman's Guild Organizer 
This is the latest update on the Bus Tragedy.
Today, we attended service at PCEA Happy Valley Church so that we could be together with and pray with the families of the departed and those who are still in the hospital. we also constituted a Committee to prepare for the funerals.
There will be a joint memorial servive on Wednesday, 15th Agust, 2012. The families will bury their loved ones at different venues and on different dates and the church will assign different pastors to be with them. Many of the families want to bury on Friday. We have mobilized a team of professional counsellors who are giving the much needed pychological support,
Jane Wambui is still in hospital in Dar-Es-Salam undergoing treatment. Initial report after the MRI indicate that she has multiple fractures on the spine. Please praying for her.
The injured are still receiving treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital. We are also working together with the families to raise money to meet all the expenses.
Thank you again for all your prayers, and messages of comfort and love.
We have continued to anchor our hope on Christ the Solid Rock on whom alone we can stand. May Christ be glorified in this situation.
Love and blessings,
News was received today of a terrible accident in East Africa involving a group of women from the Presbyterian Church in East Africa--a group was traveling from Kenya to visit their sister church in Tanzania when their bus broke down. As the women were transferring fromthe disabled bus to another one, a speeding vehicle collided with them--11 women were pinned under the bus and died, 25 others wereinjured, one quite seriously. Rev. Veronica Muchiri from Kenya is coordinating efforts to get the survivors home and to arrange medicalcare for those who need it, as well as helping families arrange funerals for those who died. 
Please pray for God's grace to sustain one and all--Veronica and her leadership team, the families and churches affected by this tremendousloss. (Veronica is a leader/Vice President of the Tumekutana group that Pastor Lynell Caudillo of Marcus Whitman Pres. visited last fall).